Why Men Like Morning Sex

Why Men Like Morning Sex

Why do men like sex in the morning? Most men will automatically have an erect penis in the morning, and that is when their sexuality is in the best condition.

Some men may not know this, but if activity is unilateral, even pleasure in sight is pointless. It is important to understand women’s sexual secrets.

Women need long caresses. To put it more directly, men can immediately have sex just after waking; women begin to have the feeling of excitement after. Women can never catch up with the fast pace of men, and as a result, naturally cannot coordinate their sex life.

Women like a bit of sex modification, to play a sexy tease for example, but this cannot possibly be done just after waking up in the morning.

In the morning, the male penis is erect because of an overflowing bladder; it is a natural reflexive behavior. In contrast, at other times, men’s erections are mostly due to stimulation of the brain and the body’s response. Men like to have sex in the morning because they are confident in their own sexuality then. If he does not have the morning erection phenomenon, there is likely to be a problem sexually, because the average male may get an erection 5-6 times per night.

Now that you understand the physiological causes of male erections in the morning, how should women deal with it? If he desires exuberance, and you are still feeling dull, should you pretend to be asleep, or reject him?

Experts pointed out that couples should always try to reach a mutual agreement. Although it is not romantic to do so, it can reduce the pressure. Pretending to be asleep works sometimes, but it will not solve the problem, you may as well be honest. For example, if you have an important thing to do in the morning, promise him something on Sunday morning instead, so you will have more time to really enjoy the fun of sex. But if the woman is really annoyed, the husband must also take care of her feelings, or she may eventually resist all sex and sexual relations will be damaged.

After intercourse, couples can adequately express their deep love, and share other aspects of daily life. Contradictions and troubles can be communicated and coordinated, in fact many family plans are developed at this time.

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