Tips to Rekindle Passion

Tips to Rekindle Passion

At the beginning of a relationship, whether it’s just after waking up in the morning, or during a lazy afternoon, couples are exuberantly ready for sex. As time goes by however, things change. What are the secrets of sexual enhancement?

What is destroying the libido?

Sexuality is a complex, mysterious force that is related to every part of our body, from top to bottom, from the brain to the private parts. Everyone is aware of the important role of sex hormones on sexual desire. In fact, there are many more external factors that affect your libido.

Lack of exercise: Women who do not exercise have lower levels of testosterone. Just 20 minutes of exercise will significantly enhance sexual response.

Low quality of sleep: Snoring men may temporarily stop breathing during sleep, which will reduce their sexual desire.

Chaotic interpersonal relationships: If relations between a man and woman are bad and they often quarrel, the grievances will affect their sexual desire for each other. As men often repress their emotions, they often suffer decreased libido.

Excessive drinking: The right amount of drinking can add to the fun, but if mishandled, drinking will have the opposite effect. The more you drink, the less sexual impulses, and the harder it is to achieve orgasm.

Romantic movies: For both men and women, cuddly movies will increase the concentration of progesterone in the body. This hormone will suppress testosterone, thereby reducing sexual desire.

Having a baby: In the first year of the birth of a child, breast-feeding, stress, and lack of sleep generally weaken parents’ libido.

Keeping some distance can rekindle the passion

Why do long-term couples experience decreased libido? If the stability of family life leads to reduced desire, the best way to reignite the passion is to keep some distance from your lover, to create the pleasure of novelty. Some things can be shared with friends, and not your lover, so you do not completely overlap each other’s lives.

In addition, people always wait until desire completely combusts before they start having sex. In fact, it does not need to be so. Sometimes, kisses and caresses will stimulate each other’s sexual desire.

Food can be sexually arousing

Some foods around us can stimulate sexual desire.

Chocolate: Phenylethylamine chemicals can promote the release of dopamine in the brains of people for more happiness during sex.

Pumpkin seeds: Contain zinc that can elevate testosterone concentrations and sperm counts.

Spicy salad sauce: Pepper contains capsaicin that can promote the formation of brain endorphins and enhance pleasure.

Honey: Contains boron that can stimulate the formation of testosterone.

On the other hand, cherries, barbecue, and some brands of male cologne suppress women’s sexual impulses.

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