Three Habitual Mistakes that Hurt Your Sex Life

Three Habitual Mistakes that Hurt Your Sex Life

Sex is supposed to be fun, an interactive process that you can relax and enjoy. However, there are some common mistakes or “habits” that can make love making “tasteless”. Sometimes you need to give up the insignificant adherences, to better appreciate the wonders and pleasure of sex.

Misunderstanding: Fixed sensitive points always bring the desired effect.
Positive solution: Machines have fixed programs but sex does not.

Sex is a pleasurable act that brings passion and vitality. Like football, its charm lies in its unpredictability. It is wrong to regard it as a habit or obligation, with a fixed timetable and procedures, where you simply wait for the desired effect. A machine can be scheduled to boot, but people cannot.

Maybe you can agree to have sex no more than a few times in one week, but you cannot appoint certain nights to have sex, let alone stipulate that you can only have sex in the bedroom, or how to have sex. By the same token, there is not just one way to climax. Experts believe that all the tricks are simply ways to help each other enjoy sex. Stubbornly sticking to a position, habitual stimulation of sensitive spots, and trying to follow other conventional habits will undoubtedly increase the pressure and make sex lose its enjoyable fun.

The sensitive points of the human body can change every day, depending on the state of mind, physical condition and environment. Therefore, sex should always be a creative, exploratory process.

Misunderstanding: Sex is only beautiful and meaningful when it ends in climax.
Positive solution: Treat the climax as a pleasant surprise in the process of sex, so you can fully enjoy the fun.

There is data that indicates four out of every ten women in the United States have climax troubles. This affects the overall sense of superiority and health of these women. Freud believed that female sexuality is the “unknown continent” of the female soul, “an unknown world hidden in folds of skin and muscle”. So, while a climax is certainly beautiful, sometimes when you deliberately pursue it, it cannot be found.

It is usually the case that once you have experienced the beauty of sex, you cannot help desiring that satisfaction every time. But often, just when you only need a little bit more to reach your pinnacle, the other party cannot “hold it down” and falls short. Sometimes, regardless of how hard your partner works, your body is sleeping and does not respond. Well, when everything is said and done, is the climax really so important to you? In fact, sex is a whole process of which the climax is just one part of it. If you see climax as the only goal, you will lose all the other good parts of sex.

On the other hand, lack of orgasm can be a type of disorder. You may wish to examine the reasons you cannot experience orgasms, such as psychological depression, past sexual indulgence, strained relationship with your partner, poor body image, etc. Physical factors include menopausal vaginal atrophy, nerve damage, heart disease, smoking and obesity. For any of the above reasons, you may wish to consult a doctor.

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