Secrets to a Woman’s Quick Climax

Secrets to a Woman’s Quick Climax

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To achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse usually requires women to actively participate. During sex, they will consciously place the most sensitive part of their clitoris in direct contact with the man’s genitals. Fundamentally, this clitoral stimulation during intercourse can be seen as women’s self-stimulation. The following are ways for women to reach orgasm during sexual intercourse:

(1) The active female-on-top sexual position is the most effective method, which allows a woman to obtain sufficient freedom of movement to seek self-gratification. At the same time, this position makes a woman’s legs tighten together, or lets her adjust the degree at which the penis is inserted to fit the woman’s preference, so her clitoris and the man’s pelvis is touching.

(2) The method of friction on the pubic and genital areas is very similar to the female-on-top method, but can be used in any position. Grinding can include full insertion of the penis, leaving only a little of the penis in the vagina, and moving in circles, so the male and female genitals will stick close together. The woman’s labia and vulva in particular, will get great and very pleasant friction stimulus.

(3) During sexual intercourse, both the man and woman’s pelvis is in contact with each other. With the man’s pelvis firmly pressed against the woman’s clitoris, every penis thrust will stimulate the clitoris. In most cases, the men do the moving of the body. One of the most commonly used positions is male-on-top, or one or both parties can be seated. The woman’s legs can be in any position, such as thighs separated, facing up, bending backwards, or thighs stretched in the air. The principle is that the clitoris stimulation should not be too difficult, and the woman should be able to freely move her body.

(4) Let the penis remain in the vagina, without the back and forth thrusting. The head of the penis should be located exactly at the labia, while the base of the penis is pushed upwards to the clitoris, as if trying to cover the vulva. But paradoxically, the things that make a woman feel good sometimes do not work for the man. In this position, the penis is not deeply inserted, and the man may not be satisfied.

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