20 Minutes of Sex Help Meet the Body’s Needs

20 Minutes of Sex Help Meet the Body’s Needs

Alexander the Great once said, “Only sleep and sex make me feel that I am not immortal”. What he meant was that he felt sexual pleasure like mortals. In addition to the fun that it brings us, sex can help meet the needs of the body.

Brain → Hypnosis
The perfect sex has a hypnotic effect. After hearty sexual activity, the brain is blank, and secretion of the sleep hormone – melatonin increases. The nervous excitement of the body begins to relax, tired muscles are stretched, drowsiness naturally hits and helps eliminate insomnia. Tip: This is the theoretical basis for men sleeping after sex, do not blame him. You are tired too, so fall asleep together.

Chest → Breasts
Estrogen enables women to maintain good blood circulation. Women who have sex regularly have much higher estrogen levels than occasionally active women. Estrogen can promote breast duct and peritubular tissue growth; help progesterone promote the development of breast lobules and acini structure, make breasts firm and plump, and maintain women’s beautiful curves. Tip: Sex helps breasts, but because it involves the delicate hormone levels, too much stimulation will cause estrogen disorder and breast crises. So when it comes to sex, moderation is good.

Heart → Heart Health
Sex is exercise in bed. During sex, you unwittingly deepen breathing, lung capacity increases, there is an increase in the amount of oxygen in the body, blood carries more oxygen to organs and tissue, and heart organ function especially will be more robust. Couples who have a harmonious sex life have 10% less risk of heart disease than the average person. Tip: You cannot reach orgasm together every time, so do not deliberately pursue this.

Joints → Painkiller
Sex (especially at climax) can relieve the pain caused by trauma, especially joint pain. Sex can stimulate the central nervous system of the brain; and secrete a chemical called amine polyphenols, which diminishes pain quite effectively. Sexual arousal and orgasm release endorphins that can improve the ability to endure pain. Orgasm can even increase a woman’s pain endurance by 70%. Sexual activity’s massage and heating of the body may also play a certain role in pain relief. Tip: Do not worry about falling into “routine” and deliberately challenge it with weird positions, especially if you do not adequately “warm up”, as it may lead to sprains and joint injuries. And it is not just joint injuries. 30% of genital injuries are the result of incongruous activity.

Skin → Beauty
Pimples, acne, dark spots, and other skin diseases are related to poor blood circulation of the skin. During the warmth and affection of sex, with stirring emotions, neuroendocrine system functions increase. A rapid heartbeat and deep breathing promote blood circulation and metabolism, ovarian and adrenal hormone secretion also increases. The skin can maintain adequate moisture and increase elasticity, and nails and hair are shiny. Tip: During sex, the body consumes a lot of water. Replenish the body to return to normal faster, and for more smooth skin.

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